Tips to Make a Child Feel Comfortable at a Cemetery Visit

Tips to Make a Child Feel Comfortable at a Cemetery Visit

Your child may find the experience intimidating or confusing when it’s time for their first visit to a cemetery. You should prepare for the visit to your loved one’s headstone and be sure to address their concerns along the way. If it is your first time visiting a loved one’s grave, use this guide to help you confidently answer any questions thrown at you by your little one.

Tips to Make a Child Feel Comfortable at a Cemetery Visit

1 – Discuss Cemeteries Before the Visit

The first step to helping your child feel comfortable at a cemetery visit is to talk about cemeteries before you go. You can do this by reading children’s books or watching documentaries together. There are tons of kits you can buy online that are specially designed for young kids to make cemetery visits less intimidating.

2 – Bring at Least One Family Member

You’ll want to bring at least one family member with you just for support, especially if your child is younger. They may need to be held or consoled through the process.

3 – Help Your Child Reconnect With Your Loved One

The next step is to help your child reconnect with their loved one, even if they’re not buried in the cemetery. Bring a photo with you of your loved one and point out their headstone to your child when you arrive.

4 – Tell Him or Her What to Expect

Make sure your child is familiar with the layout of the cemetery and knows where the cemetery office is located. Talk about how the headstones are set in the ground and how people put flowers by them.

5 – Discuss the Process

Before you visit the grave, you should discuss what the process will be when you arrive. If you have a picture of your loved one, show it to your child and ask, “Do you remember Grandma?” Then you can say something like, “We will go to her grave and talk to her.”

6 – Encourage Questions

Your child may have some questions regarding their loved one’s grave. Take this opportunity to talk about their death, how the loved one is resting, and how they will always be with your child in their heart.

7 – Express Your Love for Your Loved One

After you’re done discussing the process, you should express your love for your loved one to your child. Tell them stories about your loved one’s life that might comfort them.

8 – Give Reassurance

Your child may be nervous when it’s time to leave the cemetery. Make sure they know they can always come back and visit their loved ones again next time.


Cemeteries can be very intimidating places, especially if you’re a young child or have never visited one before. The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to approach your child’s first cemetery visit. You should feel free to do whatever is best to help them feel comfortable. With the right tools and a little bit of communication, your child can successfully visit their loved one’s headstone.

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