Helpful Tips on Properly Offering Your Condolences

Helpful Tips on Properly Offering Your Condolences

If you’re feeling sympathetic and supportive to a grieving loved one, there isn’t one single appropriate way to say it. Though there are no general rules to saying your condolences, there are many things you should not say. If you’re a bit lost, you can also follow some very beneficial recommendations to help you express yourself clearly.

Here are some helpful tips for expressing your sorrow:

1. Use the Name of the Person Who Died

While it may be natural for you to avoid mentioning the deceased, it is a means of validating the grieving individual during this difficult time.

Someone close to this individual has just died. They’ve lost a significant portion of their lives. If no one spoke about it, wouldn’t it be strange? The lack of acknowledgment of the person would erase that individual’s existence while the grief-stricken person feels overcome by their loss.

To honor the loss, we extend sympathies to the family. To express “I’m sorry for your loss” is a way to acknowledge that this is a serious matter. This can reassure your buddy who is mourning that Dave was a genuine person who was an essential part of their lives and that you will miss him too. These are significant statements to have in your mind.

Do not inquire about the manner of the deceased person’s death. Of course, you do not want to be macabre. Convey your condolences and express your sorrow at the loss of the deceased.

2. Acknowledge Their Anguish & Devastation

The death of a loved one may cause a whirlwind of emotions, and it’s crucial to identify and embrace these feelings. One may show that they are not alone by acknowledging the deceased and letting them know how their passing has affected them.

In your words, you may express your support in a helpful and soothing manner. For example, “Know that others have been where you are, even if you can’t feel it. That’s where I’ve been, and it hurts. Recognize that it’s normal to be sad.”

If you want to make it short and sweet, say, “My heart grieves with you.”

Think about it: Even if they don’t need your permission to mourn, it’s still beneficial to know that they are not the only ones who feel their anguish and realize they are not alone. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to explore such possibilities, just let them know you’re also grieving.

3. Immediately Offer Your Sympathies

There’s no need to wait until after the service. You should use text, remark, post, message, email, or call as soon as possible, given how simple it is to do so.

Make your condolences more personal by sending an email or text or utilizing a social network messaging site. You should leave a message if the deceased individual’s family announces their death through social media posts. 

Instead of sending a generic note of sympathy, reach out to the family immediately and let them know how much you care. To achieve this, you may send a card or letter right now.

It’s hard to deny that receiving a handwritten message has a special significance. In this day and age, it’s anticipated that you’ll send your condolences through social media.

Grieving loved ones will get a barrage of text messages and other digital communications from people. However, sending a card in the mail is the most exemplary method to convey your sympathies. There’s a reason condolence cards have become so popular throughout the years.

4. Make Your Post Brief and Concise

A complete letter isn’t necessary. (Unless, of course, you want to.) But don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the prospect of it. Keeping things simple is generally a brilliant idea.

Get a sympathy or condolence card. Modify one of the sentences listed inside the card before writing your message and signing your name.


Being there for someone grieving is an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate your empathy and to make a sincere effort to appreciate those left behind. Even in the worst of times, you can use your sympathy to help those in need.

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