4 Types of Memorial Services After Cremation to Choose from

4 Types of Memorial Services After Cremation to Choose from

As cremation has become a more frequent option for end-of-life arrangements, cremation in the United States is expected to rise to 65.2 percent by 2025. If you are in the position of planning a memorial for someone who chose cremation, or if you are looking ahead and planning your own post-cremation memorial, it is important to be aware of the various options available.

Once you have decided what to do with the cremated remains, you can start planning a memorial service. The only real restriction is that you can’t have a viewing of the body, but you can still do a viewing before the cremation. Otherwise, you can still create a meaningful ceremony with all the elements you would expect in a funeral service. Here are your choices:

  • Traditional Memorial Service

You can create a meaningful post-cremation memorial service that is unique to your loved one and family. You can arrange for a gathering of friends and family and incorporate special touches such as photographs, mementos, and a eulogy. You can also display the cremation urn where a casket would normally go and have special readings, music, and other meaningful rituals. This way, you can create a personally meaningful memorial service that honors your loved one and their life.

  • Graveside or Columbarium Memorial Services

After cremation, a memorial service can be held where the remains are buried or placed into a columbarium. This is similar to a traditional service, except that the item being interred is an urn rather than a casket. The Catholic Church often chooses this option, as it is important for them to have the remains of the faithful in a cemetery.

  • Scattering Remains

Cremation offers a way to say goodbye to a loved one that is more flexible than a traditional burial. It allows you to honor their memory more personalized, such as scattering their ashes in a special place or garden. You can also scatter the cremated remains at sea as long as you are far enough away from the shore.

  • Informal Memorial Services

You could also choose a more intimate memorial service for the deceased. This involves inviting only the closest family members and friends to come together to honor the deceased’s life without the cost associated with a larger gathering. You can still include a private ceremony to lay the ashes to rest and share memories and stories of the deceased.


Planning a memorial service after cremation can be a difficult task. It is important to remember that the service should celebrate life and the memories the deceased left behind. It is also important to remember that everyone is grieving differently and to consider their emotions. 

Additionally, it is important to have clear communication with the funeral home to ensure that everything is organized and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. Lastly, it is important to keep an open mind and be as flexible as possible during the planning process to ensure that the service is a fitting tribute to the deceased’s life.

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