Special Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Cremains at Home

Special Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Cremains at Home

This article is for you if you are making your own end-of-life plans or if you have your loved one’s cremains at home. Here are some suggestions for keeping your loved one’s ashes at home, either temporarily or permanently.

1. Make a Special Place for the Urn

Purchasing a beautiful urn for ashes is one of the most frequent methods to maintain a loved one’s cremains at home. Once the cremains are sealed in the container, you can designate a specific space on a mantle or attractively designed nook to exhibit them.

2. Create a Shrine For Your Loved One’s Remains

After the memorial service is over, you can create a shrine for your loved one in their bedroom or living room. A shrine can be as simple as placing a container of remains on an end table or nightstand. You can also create a space that is a little more elaborate. If your loved one loved to read or had a favorite hobby, you could display these items as a part of the shrine.

3. Place the Urn(s) on a Living Room or Bedroom Bookshelf

You can purchase an urn designed to sit nicely on a bookshelf. Urns for partial remains are often big enough to place on a shelf. The urn can be a place for you and your family to go to spend quiet moments reflecting on your loved one.

4. Create a Memorial Wall

Many people choose to display their loved one’s cremains on a wall after the funeral. They sometimes do this in the same room or area where they keep the remains of the loved one’s remains. You can choose to put a photo of your loved one in the urn along with a plaque bearing their name or a special message. You can also opt to create a collage of photos of your loved ones while they were alive or a special verse or poem to honor them.

5. Keep the Cremains Within the Home’s Wall or Floor

You can bury the urn in your wall or floor. After a memorial service or the memorial service is over, friends and family can come to the home and pay their respects. This is an option that requires a special design in your home. You can choose to have a small hole in the wall or floor, or you can have a special piece of stone or a shelf that has been built in to the wall or floor.

6. Plant a Tree

If you’re worried about keeping a houseplant alive, you could feel more at ease combining your cremains with the soil you’ll be using to plant a tree or shrub in your yard. A tree is more forgiving than a houseplant and easier to care for whether you go on a lengthy trip or are away from home for an extended period.

Consider how you would feel after moving away from that piece of property before deciding to plant your loved one’s cremains near the root ball of a new tree. You may believe that you will stay in your current home till death, although this may or may not be possible.

6. Make a Vase Out of the Remains

One of the advantages of having your loved one’s ashes at home is that you can decorate with them. You can make a beautiful vase out of the remains of your loved one. You can put a special photo or poem inside. You can also make a vase out of a special glass or crystal that you got for your loved one when they were alive.


There are many ways to keep a loved one’s cremains at home. You can have them professionally displayed in a home urn, or you can create a home shrine. Whether you choose to display the remains of a loved one in your home or not, it is important to have a plan in place. It is important to make the necessary arrangements to keep the remains at home if you wish to do so. You can use this article as a starting place to plan the memorial service that is right for you.

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