Weighing Your Funeral Options: Open vs. Closed Caskets

Weighing Your Funeral Options: Open vs. Closed Caskets

Dealing with death in the family can be expected or come at a surprising time for the loved ones of the departed. This is why preparing for visitation services will vary in emotional difficulty, depending on the situation. Like the other parts of the funeral, the decision to choose the casket is a personal choice. The deceased may have a dying will or preference, but mostly, it’s up to the living relatives to come with a final decision. Although it’s necessary to keep the departed’s wishes, there are some stark differences that you should know about picking either a closed or open casket.

Choosing the caskets for the deceased

Although it may seem like a simple task, the decision to choose an open or closed casket carries plenty of weight for the deceased and the bereaved families. The symbolic method of allowing one last glimpse into a person’s being or letting them remain fond memories and experiences can be a distressing choice for some.

You may have a prepared casket of choice for the departed, depending on your readiness to anticipate their passing. Otherwise, your funeral director may offer you different options. 

Caskets come in all sorts of materials and builds, with varying sizes and thickness. It’s up to you whether you plan to choose something plain and simple or something grander for a final sendoff. Nevertheless, the crucial decision you must make is the choice of having open or closed caskets for the funeral service.

Understanding the transparency of open caskets

It’s common for people to choose open caskets to provide an opportunity for friends and family to have one last glimpse of the deceased. Seeing a person physically for one last time can be a way for people to heal old wounds or rekindle fond memories of past experiences. Although it’s tradition to be formal during these proceedings, it’s possible to allow the deceased to wear their favorite clothing. A keepsake tie or inherited jewelry are viable options to ensure that the departed is looking their best during funeral services.

Considering the privacy of closed caskets

There are very specific scenarios for why people would prefer to have a closed casket service. Deaths that involve tragic accidents like fires or car collision crashes may be better with closed casket services. It’s a way to prevent the grieving family members from remembering their deceased loved one’s disfigured form. It could also be the threat of spreading disease through contamination, as is common for most families worldwide due to COVID-19.

However, it could simply be the deceased wishes. Before people reach the age past their prime, the preparation of the last will and testament can include these specifications. It’s common for people who want to cherish their memories with their loved ones to have a closed casket, with the reason being to “remember the life” and not the death.


It’s essential to value what matters to the deceased the most, whichever option you choose. Although they may no longer be with us, it’s important to value their will and comfort. Even at the last few moments that we will have with their physical bodies, it’s important to remember the everlasting memories that will stay and live on in your hearts.

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