What You Need to Know about Natural Burials – An Overview

What You Need to Know about Natural Burials – An Overview

A natural burial, also known as green burials, isa traditional method of bringing one’s deceased to rest. This process has methodical roots that avoid the use of chemicals and multi-layered caskets more common with modern burials. Instead, natural burials utilize organic materials to take the dead home with as few artificial resources as possible.

Deciding to let go of loved ones is left to the bereaved. While directions can be left on a person’s will, its execution will still depend on the friends and relatives they left behind. Although it’s more common to have a traditional burial, many families are looking into the idea of natural burial as an alternative.

The Benefits Natural Burials

As we go through our daily lives, we’ve lived a constant routine of using resources and leaving waste behind. The unfortunate consequence of this mindless habit led to heavier carbon footprints that damage the environment. For this reason, natural burials are now reintroduced as a way to conserve life even after death.

Besides the environmental benefits of keeping toxic material from the environment, the process of preparing the dead is also more personal. Loved ones can keep the body at home, cleansed with natural essential oils and chilling to prevent premature decomposition. The National Home Funeral Alliance offers plenty of resources to help families prepare for the occasion.

The Process of Natural Burials

Natural burial stays away from the conventional use of formaldehyde-based embalming for preserving the deceased. Instead, it uses a biodegradable container, which can be a cloth shroud, wicker basket, or other materials. It’s also recommended for the deceased to wear natural clothing with as little plastic or composite content as possible.

Besides preparing the dead, the burial site also differs from natural burials. Instead of concrete vaults or grave liners, digging a three to five feet hole from the surface is more common. This distance accounts for a faster decomposition rate for the body, supporting its natural biological processes.

The Cost of Natural Burials

Natural burials are definitely cheaper because it eliminates several processes from modern-day burials. Other than excluding the steps above, the only expense that’ll cost heavily is the purchase of a burial plot. However, this can get tricky if your local cemetery doesn’t allow natural burials. Nevertheless, you can bypass this rule by burying your deceased on your own property.

Some states allow burials within a person’s estate. On the other hand, you can opt to bury the boy at sea. However, this option requires hiring a licensed captain to reach the appropriate distance and from shore and depth of sea for a proper sendoff.


We don’t always get to choose when we are born into this world and as we brace for the future. However, we do have a say on how we’ll exit it gracefully with our own terms. A natural burial is one way to give a proper sendoff as nature-intended, a return to the earth like all living beings will do eventually. If you want to consider natural burial for you or your loved ones’ passing, ask your funeral home if they can accommodate your preferences and burial service.

At Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, FL, we give our clients diverse options to help the bereaved process the passing of their loved ones. Besides having a great environment to welcome their final days, we also provide essential services to help you say your last goodbyes. Contact us today, and let’s talk about natural burial services.

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