5 Reasons Some People Choose Cremation Over Burial

5 Reasons Some People Choose Cremation Over Burial

Cremation is becoming more popular among Americans than ever before, with cremation rates expected to reach 56% by 2020. By 2025, that number will have risen to an astounding 63%. The concept of a cemetery burial is no longer as common as it was a few years ago. People’s attitudes about death are rapidly changing, with many choosing last resting places other than that which are six feet under.

Cremation is the final interment of a deceased corpse that involves the incineration of the body. There are many kinds of cremation, but they are all intended to function as a funeral or post-funeral ritual. The burning of bodies to lay them to rest is an old practice in certain nations, such as India. As an alternative to burial, the practice has grown in popularity in Western countries over the years.

The Process of Cremation

One of the advantages of cremation is that the procedure is simple. The first step is to identify the deceased and get permission to continue with the cremation. Following that is the preparation of the body and its placement in a suitable container.

The vessel containing the corpse is then transported to the cremation chamber. When the process is completed, the remains are crushed into ashes. On the day of cremation, the ashes are transferred to a storage vessel provided by the deceased’s relatives.

Why Are People Choosing Cremation over Burial?

  • Less Expense

On average, a conventional burial costs $7,360. This price does not include the burial site or a headstone. That is why one of the primary reasons individuals choose cremation over a burial is the expense. Cremation is much less expensive, and prices start at $500. Certainly, the costs will rise based on what the family believes is the best cremation package for their dead loved one. However, since there is no need for a coffin, burial site, or the other expenses involved with a conventional burial, the total cost will be considerably cheaper.

  • Flexible Memorial Options

Almost every traditional funeral includes a cemetery and a tombstone to honor the dead. Sure, this may be a meaningful sign for your legacy, but it restricts your mourning family’s options. With cremation, the choices for ash containers are almost limitless. Depending on your departed loved ones’ preferences, you may retain the ashes or disperse them someplace important to you.

For families that prefer to preserve their dead loved one’s ashes in a unique memorial container, such as an urn, it serves as a poignant remembrance. It provides consolation to the bereaved family by reminding them that their loved one is still physically present. Some individuals choose to have their ashes made into jewelry, which is a more creative choice. Some may even have their ashes made into a vinyl record or transformed into a reef on the ocean bottom.

  • Mobility

Taking good care of the cemetery of a dead loved one is an essential aspect of many people’s lives. Furthermore, it is customary to be concerned about what will happen to their body once they are gone. However, one disadvantage of burial is that it is challenging to relocate the grave’s location after the corpse has been buried. With cremation, the ashes are kept in an urn or other tiny keepsake after doing the process. That means you may take it with you anywhere in the world.

  • Time to Plan for Funeral

When someone dies without a defined end-of-life plan, the family is responsible for making funeral preparations. That may be a time-consuming task that might take days or weeks. If the death occurred unexpectedly and abruptly, friends and relatives would need time to make travel plans to the funeral. One of the most significant aspects of cremation is that it may be performed soon after death. As a result, the cost of maintaining the corpse at a funeral home is avoided. The dead ashes may then be kept in an urn at home while the family makes funeral preparations and gives people enough time to arrive for the last send-off.

  • Eco-Friendly

A casket or coffin, a piece of land, and corpse embalming procedures are often required for a traditional burial. While some individuals still choose to bury the urn after the cremation, this takes up a fraction of the area that burying a coffin would. Chemicals like formaldehyde wind up in the environment as a result of embalming, creating contamination. That is not the case with cremation. 

The incineration of a body requires considerably fewer resources. Moreover, there is no need to be concerned about headstone or coffin components. While there are methods better for the world, cremation remains an environmentally superior method of body disposal compared to conventional burial.

Final Thoughts

The choice to be cremated or buried is a very personal one that often involves religion, family tradition, and personal views. Cost is another factor to consider since there is a significant difference between cremation and burial prices. Whatever last arrangement you choose, it is important to discuss the different choices to carry out these final wishes. By addressing these in advance, your loved ones may avoid having to make tough choices during a difficult time.

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