Funeral Pre-planning: Why You Should Prepare for Your Funeral

Funeral Pre-planning: Why You Should Prepare for Your Funeral

Death seems like a lifetime away when you’re young and healthy. However, many seem to forget that death will come for all of us, regardless of our age or health. Death is for certain, but then why has yet to be answered—you never know when it’s time for you to go.

While it can be frightening being aware that you can die at any time, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be able to fulfill your wishes after your death. Although death is unpredictable and you have no power over it, you can control what happens when you pass through appropriate planning. 

By writing a will, you can ensure that your assets are distributed to the people you wish. Meanwhile, you can also ensure that your funeral preferences will be followed by pre-planning it while you’re still alive.

If you’re still apprehensive about pre-planning your funeral, these reasons may convince you:

1. Your Wishes Will Be Fully Honored

The funeral is often viewed as an opportunity for your loved ones to say goodbye to you. However, it also stands true the other way around—your funeral offers the chance to bid farewell to your friends and family with the proper arrangements.

From the songs to play during the funeral to your preferences regarding burial or cremation, pre-planning means you’ll have a say in what you want to happen when you die. When you pre-plan your funeral, you’ll feel at peace knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled and even feel more accepting of your inevitable passing.

2. Ease the Burden of Your Loved ones

Losing a loved one is perhaps one of the most challenging things one could ever experience—living with grief will be painful. At times, your family and friends may even find the grief too heavy of a burden to carry, keeping them from moving on with their life.

Given the intensity of emotions and the difficulties a person experiences after the death of a loved one, planning a funeral may be nearly impossible to accomplish. Especially when death comes unexpectedly, your loved one could have trouble ensuring that you’ll have an appropriate funeral service.

To let your family and friends grieve in peace, consider pre-planning your own funeral. By relieving your loved ones of this responsibility, they can focus on honoring your memory and dealing with their grief. This way, your loved ones will be able to cope with the feeling of loss together without any hindrances.

3. Save on Funeral Costs

Everything costs money, even in death. Unfortunately, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of money to have a good funeral service due to the economy and other factors. If you want to prevent your loved ones from worrying about money on top of grieving your passing, it would be wise to pre-plan your funeral.

One of the advantages of pre-planning your funeral is that you’ll get to save on costs. Many funeral homes offer discounted services for those who choose to plan their funeral early. Moreover, you can pay for funeral services gradually over time instead of paying a hefty bill all at once.


Pre-planning your funeral may sound grim, but it is an intelligent way of saving money and expressing your affection for your loved ones. Even in heartbreak and grief, your family and friends will take solace in knowing that you want to help them deal with their grief by easing their burden.

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