Creative Funeral Reception Ideas

Creative Funeral Reception Ideas

A funeral is a way for families and friends to honor their loved one after he/she passes. For many, funeral services are held at a funeral home followed by a reception or gathering post funeral – this gathering is a chance to further honor a loved one in a special way and for love ones to connect and remember the one who was lost.

At Evergreen Cemetery, Funeral Home & Crematory, we work with people on all stages of the funeral services, and we can help you and your family plan a reception. We have a catering package we offer, as well. We have room for a reception or we can help point you in the right direction of helping you plan a reception at an outside facility or your home. We know this is such a difficult time and we want to make the planning process easy for you.

We wanted to share with you some creative things you can do or have at a funeral reception as an added touch to truly honor the uniqueness and personality of your loved one who is no longer with us.

  • Serve your loved one’s favorite foods and drinks.
  • Have tables full of your loved one’s favorite snacks and candies.
  • Hang collages or pictures of your loved one around the venue space.
  • Ask guests to share memories by either writing them down on paper to be read during the reception or with an open mic.
  • Make a playlist of your loved one’s favorite songs or bands to play throughout the reception.
  • Have a toast in honor of your loved one.
  • Display some of your loved one’s most prized possessions.
  • Have friends and family members write their names and a brief note on rocks to honor your loved one. The focks can be kept at home, in the garden, or placed somewhere meaningful to the lost loved one.
  • Play the loved one’s favorite game.
  • Celebrate with live music.
  • Designate a memorial tree where people can place items or photos that remind them of or honor the loved one.
  • Host a themed reception based on something the person loved like Star Wars, dogs, sports, etc.

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