Try Journaling to Help with Your Grief

Try Journaling to Help with Your Grief

When a loved one passes, there’s a lot on our minds. Not only are we processing a death, we likely need to plan a funeral and/or cremation, deal with finances, write an obituary, talk to friends and family, and handle our loved one’s assets, belongings, and will.

Clearly, when a loved one is no longer with us, we have a lot to deal with mentally. We have a lot of emotions inside us. One way to help release these emotions is journaling. When writing during a grieving process, just write. Don’t go back and re-read everything you wrote down. Write. Don’t think. Your emotions will start to pour out onto the page. No one will ever have to read these words. This is your private place to release any and all emotions you need to get off your chest.

This grief journaling isn’t about creating the ultimate novel free of spelling errors and typos – it’s about making sense of your emotions, releasing these emotions, and taking some pressure and anxiety off yourself.

You can write the journal as a letter to the loved one. You can write about good memories, bad memories, feelings towards them, what you will miss, how you feel without them, why you are grateful for them, what you wish you said, etc.

Grief is a process. We all grieve differently. By writing in a journal, you are helping along your grieving process. The writing process can make you more aware of what you are feeling. The writing process helps you take a time out and slow things down. This writing is a great time to reflect on your emotions and to truly understand them.

If you keep journaling regularly, you will be able to see your emotions change over time and see how far you’ve come. You can look back through this journal and see how you’ve been moving through the grieving process.

The best part of writing? Do it when you want. There’s no deadline or grade. You’re doing it for you and your emotional and physical health.

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